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Strengthening Families and Enhancing Abilities

As a licensed psychotherapist in Brampton, Rosita Allen takes pride in helping families, youth and children from various cultures and backgrounds.

Little Black Rose Family Services: Your Choice for Counselling in Brampton

Life can be challenging if you’re feeling sad in your relationships or struggling with parenting issues. Although change can be a good thing, at times you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. When life becomes too difficult to manage, it is best to seek the help of a professional at Little Black Rose Family Services. Our counselling centre in Brampton provides a comfortable place to resolve conflicts, explore emotions and promote healing. Our licensed psychotherapist, Rosita Allen, will do her best to help you.

Message from Our Founder



I am Rosita Allen, licensed psychotherapist, Founder, Owner and Operator of LBRFS.


I have been privileged in providing services to families, youth and children from various cultures and backgrounds.


My goal is to provide non-judgemental services. I am committed to work with you and provide insight and support to encourage you to move towards positive change and empowered life.


This move will require that you work to make it happen. I hope that your visit will be the start of your journey towards positive change in your life.


Thank you for your visit.


At your service,

Rosita Allen

Rosita Allen

Services – Improving Your Life

At Little Black Rose Family Services, our psychotherapist listens, supports and helps clients to navigate through everyday problems. Rosita offers personalized counselling services for adults, adolescents, families and couples. We can help with:

Children with autism, ADHD and other special needs

Parenting issues

Children with autism, ADHD and other special needs

Relationship counselling

Therapeutic one-on-one with children

Relationship counselling

Divorce and separation

Sexual abuse therapy

Pre-marital counselling

Marriage restoration group cruise

Individual counselling

Mental health

Conflict resolution

Rosita Allen can also assist you with distant sessions such as:

Online parent empowerment group

Dealing with a strong-willed child

You can also get individual distant therapy sessions in the privacy of your home.


Let us guide you through difficult times. Call us today for information on restoration cruises!

Some Testimonials from Parents

“My son was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy at age 2.5 years. His seizures are frequent and not well-controlled with medications. He is mentally and physically delayed, this means he is behind in all areas of his development.


We had not seen much improvement for the past 2 years. We have been working with him along with other professionals. However, since Mrs. Allen from Little Black Rose Holistic Support and Assistant Services began working with our son three weeks ago we have seen solid improvement in his concentration and fine motor skills. She is teaching him life skills so he can be independent. In addition, she provides us with practical, concrete steps to continue improving his development and abilities. Because of her work, we have seen that our son can improve and we have hope on our son will be able to function using basic life skills independently.”

- Concerned Parent

Holistic and Wellness Focus

With our counselling services, we can help and support you during stressful and overwhelming times.

Advice for Parents

We support and help parents deal with children with special needs or behavioural issues.

Upcoming Programs and Events

Learn about the different activities we have planned for you and your family.

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