Little Black Rose Family Services


I am Rosita Allen , licensed psychotherapist, Founder, Owner and Operator of LBRFS.

I have been privileged in providing services to families, youth and children from various cultures and backgrounds.

My goal is to provide non-judgmental services. I am committed to work with you and provide insight and support to encourage you to move towards positive change and empowered life.

This move will require that you work to make it happen. I hope that your visit will be the start of your journey towards positive change in your life.

Thank you for your visit

At your service

Rosita Allen

Please note: There are links to other services on this sites, please be aware that they are not a part of LBR Family Services. It is your responsibility to contact these services and see if they are able to meet your needs. LBR Family Services will not be held responsible for the choices you make in regards to these Service Links.

Strengthening Families & Enhancing Abilities

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