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Counselling Services by a Licensed Psychotherapist in Brampton

From pre-marital and personal counselling to marriage restoration sessions, you can rely on Little Black Rose Family Services. As a licensed psychotherapist in Brampton, Rosita Allen offers professional and personalized counselling services for adults, families and couples throughout the area. Whether your struggles include anxiety, stress or relationship difficulties, our highly qualified, trained and experienced staff can help you cope with them.

Pre-marital Counselling

Pre-marital counselling is beneficial as there are areas in relationships that engaged individuals overlook until they become visible in the marriage. This counselling helps individuals to enter their marital relationship with the required insight and knowledge, which contributes to the potential for a healthy relationship and a strong foundation.


Pre-marital counselling provides you with emotional awareness and readiness to consciously make decisions and plans for the future with the partner you have chosen.


Personal Counselling

It is often difficult for those needing counsel to get it for more than one reason, some of these reasons being:

They deny that there could be a problem

They try a few times and give up because change did not occur fast enough

We are always giving and receiving counsel, from friends, family and sometimes from those in leadership positions. Anyone can give counsel but not every counsel is therapeutic, not every counsel produces positive change. Getting the right counsel that is able to address your situation, give insight, move you towards positive change, empower you and free you from being the prisoner you may feel you have become, requires that you take the time to find the right professional. Take the time to take care of you.





Support Groups

Groups are a method used to strengthen and provide support. Not everyone is ready to work in groups. Groups can be effective in helping individuals who feel alone in their situations. They can also provide knowledge and information that may be helpful to a situation or an individual. A group may be able to help you achieve a goal or provide you with the strength and support to get through a difficult period in your life.


If you are ready for group work or need the support of a group, make use of available groups or provide a suggestion for one that would cater to your needs. We will try to help if we can with:

Married Couple Groups

Parents with Challenging Children Support Group

Anger Management Groups

Social Skills/Anger Management Group

This is a group for children between 5 to 7 years and is scheduled on Fridays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The group reconvenes after every four sessions and operates in Brampton, ON.


For location, costs and other information, call us today.

Online Parent Empowerment - The Strong-willed Child

This group has been created to accommodate parents who need the help but getting to the group becomes a challenge. Little Black Rose Family Services can bring it to you in the privacy of your home on a secure site.


Both group and individual sessions are available at a mangeable cost to parents. The group reconvenes after every four sessions. For location, costs and other information, call now.

Newcomers in Transition

This service is specifically for children and their parents who have come to Canada from another country. Learn how Rosita can help with the transition below.


During my years of experience in providing services to different families from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, I have observed a great need for support, preparation and information related to the transition and adaptation of children from other countries.


The change is very drastic and the children are not prepared for this change. Often parents have no idea of the variables in the adaptation to the transitional change and don’t know how to help the children. They try their best to support the family while the arrival of the child presents other demands. Parents are sometime in shock as they try to understand what happened to the child they knew. They sadly watch their dreams, hopes and plans for their children slip away, feeling alone and not knowing what to do.


If you find yourself in this position, it is very important that you find support to help you and your children with this transition. We can help with:

Negative peer influences

Behaviours in the home

Behaviours at school

School concerns

Marriage Restoration Cruise

Marriage restoration sessions are carried out on a cruise ship or at a resort, the goal is to get couples away from the everyday distractions of life and provide them with a chance to focus on themselves and their situation. The cruise ship and resort provides a setting conducive to romance. Couples are able to restore their broken relationship, regain focus and perspective, rekindle the fire, and put priorities in place.


Due to the intensity of these sessions, couples interested in “MARRIAGE RESTORATION” are required to attend Marriage Restoration Preparation sessions to assess if they are suitable for those sessions and to prepare those who are suitable. Individuals who are not suitable are able to work at preparing to be ready for “MARRIAGE RESTORATION.” If you want to take this journey, be willing to work. Restoring a broken relationship or marriage takes time but maintaining it is a lifetime commitment and work.


For more information on our services and programs, contact us today.


Anger Management Group

The group is small as this allows for personal intense work and so change/ improvement can be at a faster pace as children become empowered.

Children are made aware of the goal/s they are working on so they are able to take responsibility working with the program to make their personal improvement.

Children’s efforts improvement and accomplishments are acknowledged by the group and the children take pride in sharing these.

The empowerment of children means they no longer need the group which keeps the group small.

Some children may take a longer time to reach a place of empowerment and will need to stay longer in the group.

The Social Skills/Anger Management Group is very personalized and focuses on the needs of each individual child in the group.

There has been report from parents and school that changes have been observed in some children after two group sessions.

It is a requirement that children’s behaviours are monitored at home and school.

It is a requirement that after every fourth group that there has to be a session with the child’s parent/s to review, continue or set new goals for the child based on parents and school observation and report in regards to the needs of the child.

Don’t Give Up

Feeling sad, overwhelmed and anxious about your life? Rosita Allen is committed to helping you improve your life.

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