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Parenting Counselling in Brampton

When you’re struggling to cope with the many issues of parenthood, having a strong-willed child compounded with your stress and frustration is a recipe for destruction. Reach out to Rosita Allen at Little Black Rose Family Services for parenting counselling in Brampton.


If you are dealing with a child with challenging behaviours and you find that you are out of strategies to produce change or improve your child’s behaviour, then please do not ignore it. Hoping that the behaviour will go away or convincing yourself or allowing others to convince you that the child will grow out of the behaviour will not help. It is quite the opposite; the child will grow deeper in the behaviour and the behaviour becomes stronger and more difficult to handle while you become more frustrated.


Learn how Rosita Allen can help you with parenting issues below.

Advice for Parents

As an experienced, licensed psychotherapist, I am sure that most of you who are reading this would have noticed that as time passes, it has more difficult to control the child’s behaviour. Do not be embarrassed seeking help as a parent, you are not alone in this. Children do not and cannot come with manuals, because each child is unique and so is each parent. Reach out, get help.

Children with Special Needs

Over the years, I have found that there are a number of parents of children with special needs who REMAIN in denial, while children move through the ages and stages without proper support. Parents don’t help them attain the necessary skills they require to function to the best of their ability.


It is very hard to accept that your child is EXCEPTIONAL. However, it does not mean that there is NO HOPE. Your child still has abilities; IT IS NOT ABOUT THE PARENTS, IT IS REALLY ABOUT THE CHILD. Every child has the right to be helped and encouraged to be THE BEST THEY CAN BE IN THEIR OWN EXCEPTIONAL WAY.


Parents of EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN are exceptional themselves in a very special way. It takes special kind of parents to cope with responsibilities, provide support, and deal with the various demands of life and the family while helping the child. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, seek help and support. As parents, you are not alone though it feels that way, utilize the help and support around you and reach out for it if you have to. Your child needs you and you need support.

Caring for Children with Special Needs

Are you overwhelmed by parenting issues? You’re not alone. Rosita Allen can provide insights about parenting.

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