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Helping Families since 1988

Little Black Rose Family Services (LBRFS) provides counselling and therapy to families and individuals facing challenges and traumatic life situations. Our founder, Rosita Allen, understands that it can be very stressful during these times. You may feel alone, helpless and overwhelmed in your situation. The emotional pain may be debilitating. You need help and support during such difficult periods. You can reach out to LBRFS and find that you’re not alone.


Parenting is another challenge. Parenting a strong-willed child with challenging behaviours can be frustrating. As parents, you need someone who can support and help you to guide your child in turning those negative behaviours into positives. Our licensed psychotherapist is committed to helping you work towards the change you desire.


Rosita’s philosophy is “Never give up, while there is life, there is hope for change and improvement”.

Upcoming Programs and Events

Take a look at the events we are organizing for you and your family.

Social Skills/Anger Management Group for Ages 4 – 7

We have designed intense goal-directed fun activities for children who are having difficulties at home and in school. The program focuses on:

Behaviour and social play

Anger management

Appropriate ways to express anger


Problem solving

And more

Get in touch with us for more information about the services at Little Black Rose Family Services. Register now!

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