Support Groups

Support Groups

Groups are a method used to strengthen and provide support. Not every-one is ready to work in groups. Groups can be very effective in helping individuals who feel alone in their situations and can provide knowledge and information that may be helpful to a situation or an individual. A group may be able to help you achieve a goal or provide you with the strength and support to get through a difficult period in your life. Are you ready for group work? Do you need the support of a group? Utilize available groups or make a suggestion for one that would meet your needs and others. We will try to help if we can.

  • Married Couple Groups
  • Parents with Challenging Children Support Group
  • Anger Management Groups

Social Skills/Anger Management Group

Social Skills / Anger Management Group for children age 5-7. Payment is on a Monthly basis. Please call for info. on Monthly cost. Location: 13, Queen Street East in Brampton L6W 2A7 which runs off Main Street in Brampton. Full capacity is 8 children. First come, first serve basis.

Call (647) 891-6656

Online Parent Empowerment Group

Group and individual sessions are 5 sessions for each series. Each 5 sessions are 90 minutes sessions. 

Time: 7:00 pm- 8:30 pm

On Tuesday & a repeat on Thursday as needed. For Further information - call and register.

Call (647) 891-6656

Little Black Rose Family Services

(647) 891-6656

­13 Queen Street East

Brampton, ON

L6W 2A7

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