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Newcomers In Transition

This service is geared to children and their parents who have come to Canada from the Caribbean Islands.

During my many years of providing services to different families from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures, I have observed a strong and great need for preparation, support and information relevant to the transition and adaptation of children from the Caribbean Islands to Canada.

The change is very drastic and the children are not prepared for this change. Often parents have no idea of the variables in the adaptation to the transitional change and have no idea how to help the children. Parents try to do their best providing for their family while the arrival of the child presents other demands.

  • School concerns
  • Behaviours at school
  • Behaviours in the home
  • Negative peer influences

Parents are in shock as they try to understand what happened to the child they knew. They sadly watch their dreams, hopes and plans for their children slip away, feeling alone and not knowing what to do.

If this is you or if you are in the process of transitioning children from the island, you need the Newcomers In Transition service.

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